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Just started a live stream playthrough of this adventure. Really liking it. Lots of puzzles, surrealism, pixel graphics. Gives me a Scott Adams 21st Century feel.  This is pt1. from earlier, so you can see my thinking while playing it. Can't wait to carry on with it!

Thank you for playing. I can’t see the video because it’s listed as unavailable.

Hmm.. let me check. It's processing still. So might take a while to be visible. It's definitely there ready to watch once it's done!!

Should be viewable now :)

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It works, thank you.
It’s very interesting and impressive to see you play…
Don’t forget that you can only interact with the objects displayed after ‘Interact with:’; so it’s also the case for the clock: instead of set time, try ‘set clock’ since it’s the word ‘clock’ that is displayed (but I’ll still add an answer for ‘time travel’ and ‘change time’).
I’ll make the needed corrections, and watch with great interest your other videos.

the piano suggests it’s a self playing piano and that it just needs a conductor. I’ve tried “play piano” “conduct piano” “lead piano” “use piano” “activate piano” “search piano”  “open piano” etc. I would like the piano play itself to satisfy the mermaid (if she can hear it from that room). Hint would be appreciated

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Find a wand and wave it around.
Good idea, I'll add 'conduct piano' in synonym, and give a clue if the player doesn't have the wand.

I think a clue such as “it would be easier to conduct with something in your hand” or something would lead me find an object with which to do that. Thank you!!

ps. I’m enjoying the game!

Do not hesitate to report obviously missing verbs or synonyms. My English is very poor.

👍. Things have been good so far

Nice game, but I also got stuck. I'm on mobile so no tab button. It would be good to have a hint option or a link to a walk through on this page.

The latest version, Beta 6, contains more clues. If you're stuck in a particular place, ask me. I'll put a solution after the Game Jam votes.

You could make a hints section on your page and encode the answers, see my page here for example:

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I got stuck immediately

I feel like I can't make proggress

I don't know what "stuck immediately" means, there are so many places that are accessible from the beginning.